Emile Durkheim And Marx As The Fathers Of Sociology

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Many men took stride to perceive the social change happening in society. Three men had earned the title of being the Fathers of Sociology. Durkheim, Marx, and Weber both used Sociology as a tool to help explain the idea of modern developments. Durkheim and Marx are the two founders that had vesting variations of how they respectively explained the idea of the modern development. Emile Durkheim believed in the idea of social cohesion to help develop while Karl Marx believed in capitalism and division as the driving force of development. Though these two had vast differences in the way they taught development in the end they both agreed that it was based on society. Emile Durkheim born in 1858 in Epinal to a religious family it seemed like it was only destined for him to become a part of the long line of religious leaders. Though when he began his early schooling he had lost interest in the idea of religion and broke ties with his Jewish Faith all together (Jones, 1986). Then he went on to earn his degrees in Letters, which occurred in 1874, then in sciences, occurring in 1875, (Jones,1986). Emile Durkheim primary …show more content…
Durkheim and Marx both had their own respective theories on how society was to operate so it could continue to drive social change. Durkheim believed in the individual’s contributions to the capitalistic society played the most important role by relying on one another to do their part. On the other hand, Marx believed in a class society where the poles relied on the bourgeoisies for their labor to help create the loop of need which help to expand capitalism and help to drive society. Though both men had widely vary views on how society should operate they both relied on the same fundamentals of capitalism and how people played their role whether relying on someone to do their job or a class of people reyling on another class to provide work for

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