Essay on Emerging Trends Case Study 2

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Emerging Trends Case Study
Gina Avina, Jennifer Brockman, and Patricia Myers
HCS 341
February 9, 2015
Linda Kyriannis
Emerging Trends Case Study
Case 5.3 Ethics Put Things in Balance to Keep Employees and Boost Performance
When reviewing this case study the questions, “How should work and non-work related commitments stay balanced?” are what businesses are asking themselves today. Over the last few years there has been a growing emphasis on quality of life issues in businesses. In todays’ society employees are faced with many demands on them from working a full-time job to commitments in their personal life. Traditional management polices question the benefit of work-life balance programs and any value they might be to
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A company may have to pay out of pocket, but the long term effect in making an individual’s life seem less stressful personally by knowing the company they choose to work for can help reduce that plays an important role. The investment is a long term advantage to keep the employees satisfied knowing that will help retain their loyalty as employees and hopefully keep them happy to doing their job as efficient and effective as possible. The distinction between costly items is the fact of putting out money for something that you might not be able to gain back. The fact you would have to pay for equipment or workout program coordinators and even if a daycare was put into place paying out of pocket for daycare workers, but not a disadvantage to making the people happy. The investment in the programs would be more beneficial by just satisfying employees into providing such programs. Some of the benefits that businesses get when they have good work-life programs in place for their employees are increase retention rates, higher job satisfaction among the employees, and a more fair and ethical workplace environment. A successful business would ensure that their human resource management department would have programs or plans in place to aid employees in obtaining a proper balance between work and personal life.
Although there is no perfect solution as to how much businesses can help employees to obtain a balance between work and life, a good business will ensure

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