Emergency Operations Plan Essay

Emergency Operations plans are used by communities across the nation in use by federal, state and local governments. There are three different types of EOP formats traditional function format, emergency support function and agency/ department focused function. Each community must decide which one is right for the hazards within their scope of capabilities. The Promulgation Statement/Letter, informs agencies of the intentions of action that a community intend to take these actions include: prevention, with preparedness, response efforts and recovery activities. The EOP section I have chosen to discuss in my final paper for my town is purpose, scope, situation and assumptions referencing the Model Town EOP.

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Our goal is to protect life, property and ensure an expedited recovery from man-made and natural disasters or emergencies, this allows our community to prepare, plan and mitigate our response.
This plan allows for our people who live or visit our community to be protected along with minimizing property damage and community assets. This plan takes into account the community and the Indiana tribes in which we share cohesive relationships with, to reduce hazards that will direct mitigation efforts and resources.
Bullhead City in its history dealt with high winds, extreme heat, microbursts, tornadoes, earthquakes, flooding and storm damage. Disasters can happen with or without warning it. Bullhead City has prepared for a wide variety of disasters utilizing equipment, manpower and knowledge of those who work for the county and citizens.
Bullhead City can request support from emergency functions from other local communities, state and private sector emergency support functions. Hazard mitigation measures include:
• Mitigation standards, policies, programs are
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Summer or Winter rain storms are more likely to be responsible for major flooding within the city limits. Floods make some roads un-drivable, are closed and detours are set up to re-route traffic.
WINTER STORMS: Winter storms with snow, ice and freezing temperatures in various combinations, are fairly uncommon in Bullhead City, Arizona. The last snow in Bullhead City was in December of 2014 before then, it had been 28 years since our area had any snow. Bullhead City is prepared to handle minor winter emergencies and would get aid from neighboring communities if the need arises.
WINDSTORMS: Violent windstorms are possible in Bullhead City, Arizona. Haboobs are dust storms in the desert that have high winds and can produce zero visibility. Winds can exceed 40 mph can result in downed trees, roofs ripped off, damaged phone and power lines.
DROUGHT: Drought can be a problem though out the year since being located in the Mohave Desert. Water tables have reached an all-time low of 40 percent

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