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It might be Tuesday, but it’s Halloween! Expect those pesky, candy loving kids to be at your front door, pushing the doorbell and demanding sweet treats during prime time. Thankfully, with all of our technology in today’s world, we can put the TV on pause and give candy to the young guests. Then just as fast as we paused the show, we can put it on once again. Perhaps the only exception to this idea is the World Series game. Back in Los Angeles, MLB fans around the country will be watching if the the Astros will clinch the win to beat the Dodgers. If you ask me, that would be the spookiest thing ever (Go Dodgers!)

Ellen’s Halloween Costume

Ellen DeGeneres’ costume on The Ellen Show was hilarious today. Never to be outdone, the popular star
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The anchors of the popular show made their annual tradition of Halloween fun include a little bit of country. The audience of the show got to see some amazing transformations as Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus, Blake Shelton and other costumes graced the stage during the morning hours. The anchors even went so far to lipsync a few songs for another great holiday tradition.

GMA anchors dressed up as superhero-themed Halloween costumes

Good Morning America got into the fun on Halloween morning with a superhero-themed gang of crime fighters. The introduction to the different superheroes was a fun opportunity to see the action figures in action. Definitely delightful to watch, the anchors went all out to look fun.

Live with Kelly and Ryan dress like Stranger Things cast

If you tuned into Live with Kelly and Ryan, it was a hoot to see the two stars dressed up. Adding Andy Cohen’s fun costume and you couldn’t help but to laugh. Kelly Ripa's costume was Eleven and Ryan Seacrest's costume was Mike in this ode to the show Stranger Things. Andy even brought a funny new show sneak peek that included a little humor at the expense of the Real Housewives series. Called the Real Handmaids of Manhattan, the spot shared a look at what would happen if Bravo had space for a new reality

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