Ella Shohat Notes On The Post Colonial Analysis

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Shohat, Ella. "Notes on the "Post-Colonial"." Social Text, no. 31/32 (1992): 99-113. doi:10.2307/466220.

This essay serves as a close-reading of the notions of temporality and teleology and the ways in which they are deployed as feedback loops between postcolonialism and neocolonialism in Ella Shohat’s article titled “Notes on the “Post-Colonial””.

The Past in the “Post”and “Colonial” “The colonial in the “post-colonial” tends to be relegated to the past and marked with a closure - an implied temporal border that undermines a potential oppositional thrust. ”

After having developed an argument about the problematics of the “post” in postcolonialism earlier in the article, Shohat locates the historicity
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Moreover, Shohat understands neocolonialism as an analytic that distinguishes between colonialism as a structure and colonialist practices - while Shohat has contested postcoloniality’s compartmentalization of colonialism as “old” through her other critiques, she assigns the descriptor “old” to colonialist practices with significant ease. Shohat’s resistance to moving “beyond” in many senses echoes resistance to the impulse of moving behind to find truth in the colonial narrative, simply flipped, and asserts the idea that most all ideation for neocolonialism is encompassed in the present temporality given that the new analytics come from the present. Shohat’s argumentation can be used to understand neocolonialism as post-post colonialism in that it moves beyond what postcolonialism works with, but attempts to escape the linear march, while still being defined by it - much like post-colonialism attempts to escape colonialism, while still being defined by

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