Elizabeth Sprigs : An Indentured Servant Essay

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Elizabeth Sprigs was an indentured servant working and living in Baltimore Town, Maryland during the year of 1756. At this time there were many people coming to the New World from Europe to work as indentured servants for a certain amount of time, in exchange for travel. (Foner 53) Living as an indentured servant had many challenges because of cruel treatment from masters and poor living conditions. Many people who came over to work as an indentured servant would die before their term was completed. (Foner 54) At the time this letter was written more and more of the female population were coming over as indentured servants. (Salinger 30) These women faced different problems than their male counterparts. The relationship between the female servants and their masters were often times abusive. Women could also have time added if they became pregnant during their term. (Foner 53) Indentured servitude was the main labor force in the colonies at that time because it was cheap and as mentioned before, many died before their contract was over so freedom and land ownership was never enjoyed. This letter was written to Elizabeth’s father in England but could probably be circulated to show the true living conditions of indentured servants at the time. It is not clear why Elizabeth Sprigs had become an indentured servant but by reading the letter one could gather that she has been estranged from her family and may or not be in a lower economic background and people who…

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