Essay on Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun

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Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun; Capturing Life While Living Life Have you ever looked at a piece of art and wondered how it could be based on real life, because it was just so beautiful? Well Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun was able to paint in such new and exciting ways; people were left wondering just this. Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun was a woman of many talents. In her life time she came up with new ways of painting, revolutionized fashion in France, and overcame any prejudice thinking because she was a woman. Before dying at the age of eighty-seven, she had gained the respect of women and men all across the world. Being a female artist in the eighteenth century was not easy, especially when you had to keep a career and your life together during the …show more content…
She would repeatedly get in trouble for decorating her and her schoolmates copy books and coloring the walls with faces and landscapes. Throughout her whole life, her creativity, and daring attitude towards trying new things helped her into fame. Vigee Le Brun had set her mind on being an artist when her father said, “You will be a painter, my child, if ever there was one" (Moffat). As a young child Vigee Le Brun enjoyed spending hours trying new things and expanding her love for art. The good times did not last, in May, 1768 her father died. Vigee Le Brun was thirteen years old and heartbroken at her loss. Vigee Le Brun then began using art as an escape from the grief she was going through. By the age of fifteen she was earning enough as a painter to help support her family, who was struggling after the death of her father. In the autumn of 1774, when she was nineteen, Vigee Le Brun was accepted into Academy of St. Luke. This was a huge accomplishment not only for her, but women everywhere because only four women were accepted into the academy. This is where she met the man she would marry, Jean Baptiste Pierre Le Brun. He was a well known picture dealer, who helped her with her career. In 1780, Vigee Le Brun gave birth to her only daughter, Jeanne Julie Louise, who was one of Vigee Le Brun’s greatest joys in life. Elisabeth had become an instant success using her charm, wit, and beauty to her advantage (Moffat and Mossman). Vigee Le Brun’s time

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