Elements Of Nonverbal Communication And How They Affect The Way We Perceive Of Others

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In this paper I will discuss the elements of nonverbal communication and how they affect the way we perceive of others. Throughout the paper the TV show ' 'Cooper Barrett 's guide to surviving life, ' ' How to Survive Your Horrible Landlord. The show episodes are based on comedy series of recent graduated college students. The TV show identify and evaluate different concepts of paralinguistics, kinesics, chronemics, haptics, and proxemics.

I believe in the TV show of ' 'How to Survive Your Horrible Landlord ' ' will be based on variety of characters in the show. From the title I think there will be problems involving with the landlord. I think the main problem will be not paying their rent or a repair that has to be redone in the apartment. I am assuming the characters will try to get on their good side to their landlord.

I have seen some other episodes from the TV show. The episodes that I have seen are very funny and entertaining. I know that the show aired on fox TV this year, so there has not been much episodes that I know of. When I am going to watch the episode of ' 'How to Survive Your Horrible Landlord ' ' I feel like I have a little bit of background knowledge on what the characters will be saying since I have seen some of there episodes before. The episodes addresses the role of nonverbal communication and verbal communication.

I watched the show without sound. The major differences between my friend Shin and I where when we both watched the…

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