Elements of Literary Terms Essay

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One’s life story can be written out of two words. In this case it’s precision and persimmons. It’s crazy how two words with different meanings can mean the same thing or paint the same picture. This poem has two words that bring a flurry of memories back to the poet mind beginning with a persimmon. The persimmon shows a loving connection between two people. “Persimmons” is a free verse poem by Li-Young Lee, who tells a narrative that being in elementary school. He didn’t know the difference between precision and persimmon, but throughout the poem he illustrates both words. The poem shows precision in the other words he has trouble with words like fight and fright, also wren and yarn. The poet has a connection with these words too which …show more content…
The poet remembers when he is trying to teach Donna his friend how to speak Chinese while lying naked that he cannot remember the words. Now he feels as he could care less that he forgets Chinese but the thought in his old school days, he got into trouble for not understanding the English words. Another loving connection is when the poet father is getting old and he puts a persimmon on his windowsill to get ripe. The father is going blind. The son gives the father the persimmon to try and cheer him up. The father takes the persimmon as love, and he paints a picture of the persimmon while he’s blind. A storm comes along and they both are sitting next to one another when the father pulls out three paintings he has completed. The father takes precision to choose the painting of the persimmons, and the son realizes that by giving his father the persimmon, it brings back memories and it shows love to his father. This poem ends with displayed love, which the father does enjoy the time that he and his boy spend through the storm. “He’s so happy that I’ve come home (Lee 559).” The father has a new memory to reoccur in his mind while dealing with his blindness. They both create another memory together, one that includes precision and a persimmon, which illustrates the father and son love for one another tied close through the interpret images of precision and persimmon. “Oh, the feel of the wolftail on the silk, the strength, the tense precision

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