Electronic and Non Electronic Ways of Communicating at Tesco Essay

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Electronic Methods for communicating Business Information
There are a range of different electronic methods for communicating business information that Tesco could use and one of them is by E-mail. E-mail also known as Electronic mail is a way of exchanging digital messages from one or more individuals to another. With E-mails you can accept, deliver, store and forward messages. E-mails are not expensive because to be able use to e-mails you only need internet connection which nearly enough every business has. This could be as useful way of communicating business information for Tesco because it’s very private and personal. Also it could be a way for the bosses at Tesco to communicate with their employees letting them know anything
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Tesco can use this type of communication in cases like if the top CEO’s of the Tesco organisation wants to send information such as how the Tesco branch is performing and also information such as profits they can just fax it over to the Branch without having to use a lot of energy and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. This type of communication is essential for situations when a hard copy of a document is needed.

Non electronic ways of communicating

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