Essay about Electronic Medical Records (Emr) Project`

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project
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Table of Contents
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project 3 Background 3 Statement of Need 3 Objectives 3
Mission and Goals of Project 3 Tasks 4
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 5
Critical Path Method (CPM) 6
Performance Measurement 8
Project Plan 8
References 10
Table of Figures
Figure 1: Level One 5
Figure 2: Level Two 6
Figure 3 - Critical Path 7
Figure 4: Gantt Chart 9

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project

Background Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is a nonprofit Healthcare organization in the city of Kelsey that has provided quality
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Critical Path Method (CPM)

To ensure the EMS system for Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is successful Critical Path Methodology (CPM) will be used to determine the project timeline. CPM is used to by project managers to help determine what the overall time will be for a project and what task are critical to the success of the project. In the WBS task were setup to show which task needed to be completed before the next task could be started. As each of these tasks have a time associated with them stating how long each task will take. Using the duration the longest path to the completion can be determined. Each step along the CPM can then be used to provide slack or float which is used to provide leeway without affecting the overall project as shown in figure 3.

The key steps in developing a CPM according to (NetMBA, 2007) are fivefold. First is to use the WBS to make a list of the specific activities. Using the WBS the project manager can list and assign durations to each task to start and form the CPM. Next is to look for dependencies and sequence actives. Using the WBS the project manager can determine which task must be completed before the next task can be completed. Third we need to draw the network Diagram. Using an arrow diagram such as the one found in figure three allows the project manager to determine the critical paths in the project. After this is accomplished, an estimate time to complete each task is devised. Using past

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