Electronic Medical Record Implementation: Costs and Benefits Essay

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Electronic Medical Record Implementation: Costs and Benefits
Sheryl L. Venola

Assignment 3 (24 July 2011)
NURS 517 Intro to Health Care Financing

Saint Xavier University

Professor: Dr. Roger Green, DNP, MSN, BSN

Abstract This paper discusses the adoption of an electronic medical record system purchased by Howard Regional Health System in Kokomo, Indiana; the rationale behind its timing and choice in expenditure; the ramifications of not implementing the system (e.g. recent health care legislation requirements); the benefits to the organization as well as to the patients it serves, and a cost effectiveness analysis. Additionally, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
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Having used the Cerner system in the past, this RN noted that with the clinical record being streamlined in such a way that narrative documentation was necessary only by exception, completing it required less time, which left more time for bedside care along with completion of educational requirements, which were also mostly computerized. Hence, the savings could be significant and provide for increased nurse satisfaction related to the ability to provide more actual patient care as well as complete proficiencies without having to stay after a shift or come in on a day off. As mentioned above, EMR can reduce duplication of services, assist in fast-tracking acutely ill patients, reduce the duplication of tests and services that aren’t medically necessary (e.g. the patient’s condition has not changed substantially), allow clinicians to spend less time on documentation possibly reducing overtime, each of which can result in cost savings for the institution. According to Randall T. Huling Jr., MD, president of Olive Branch Family Medical Center in Olive Branch, Mississippi, since switching over to EMR in January of 2010, they have increased revenue by an estimated $650,000 with an annual cost reduction of more than $85,000. Additionally, they have been able to raise provider productivity by 10,000 visits, raise their fee collection

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