Electronic Cigarettes Dangers

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Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, have become very popular over the past decade among adults and adolescents. There has been a lot of buzz around e-cigarettes and there is little evidence known of whether or not they are harmful long term. Critics of e-cigarettes claim that they are targeted towards adolescents, there are short term effects, long term effects, and more research still needs to be done to know the full dangers. On the other hand, advocates of e-cigarettes claim that they can be used to help wean off of cigarettes and they are not as bad as regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes are dangerous because of their target towards adolescents, their short term risks, and the unknown long term risks that they encompass. E-cigarettes …show more content…
Some people believe that they can be used like patches or gum to quit smoking and they are overall better than normal cigarettes. One study says, “Advocates claim that the devices which use battery power to aerosolize nicotine into a chemical propellant, offer significant harm reduction because they do not create the carcinogenic combustion products found in conventional paper cigarettes” (Chang). This study says that people for e-cigarettes believe that they are better because they do not contain the combustion products that paper cigarettes do. In contrast to that, the FDA says that even though they do not give away toxins associated with combustion like cigarettes, they do still give away chemicals that could possibly be a concern (Kuehn). Even though they are better than conventional cigarettes in the way of not containing combustion products, we do not know if they ‘offer significant harm reduction’ because there is still a vast amount of research that needs to be done on the juice, vapor, and more. For those who say they can be used as a way to quit smoking, there is no evidence to back up that statement. In fact, there is a study that says, “One study published this year followed 949 smokers reporting their habits online, and found that the e-cigarette users were no more likely to quit tobacco than other smokers” (Cressey 25). E-cigarettes may be used to substitute conventional cigarettes, but have not shown to be successful in the help of quitting the smoking of nicotine. There is simply not enough information for advocates to be for e-cigarettes because they think they are healthier than conventional cigarettes and there is no evidence to support them as being sufficient cessation

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