Eleanor Of Aquitaine

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The focus of this report will be Eleanor of Aquitaine and the legacy on Medieval Europe. The sign legacy that Eleanor left in the Second Crusade.

Eleanor of Aquitaine The court of William IX, the Grandfather of Eleanor of Aquitaine was where Eleanor grew up. Young Eleanor was constantly surrounded by poetry, music, and most notably, courtly love. Eleanor of Aquitaine also knew how to ride a horse proficiently, could speak Latin, learned history, arithmetic and she knew how to hunt. All of this made a headstrong, lively, confident and intelligent girl who was born to rule.(white, F All about history,No35, p29 ). Upon the death of her father in 1137 Eleanor inherited the throne of Aquitaine (Figure 1). It became the King of
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Queen Eleanor was so in favour of the crusades that she appeared at the cathedral galloping
Figure 3, Vézelay the begin of the path to the Crusades (source:
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The church was less pleased when they learned that 300 ladies would joined Eleanor in the crusaders. But she ensured the Church that they were to 'tend the wounded'. The women never Fought that job was left for the knights nevertheless they dressed in armour and carried lances. They ran across the country appalling Europe with women dressed like amazons and thousands of knights. They arrived at the city of Antioch, where they visited Eleanor’s uncle, Raymond, who was prince of the city. Raymond thought that to capture Edessa was the best strategic of the Crusade, and that they need to defend the Western presence in the Holy Land, Eleanor supported this idea. Determined to reach Jerusalem was Louis, Eleanor’s husband. Eleanor was commanded by Louis to accompany him to Jerusalem. At this Eleanor was furious, she announced that in the eyes of God their marriage was prohibited because they were related through family connections. Louis was hurt and Offended by what she stated, Eleanor was then forced him to and ride with him and to honour their wedding vows. (http://www.ozedweb.com/history/middle_ages_eleanor_during_crusade.htm)the Pope Eugenius III supplied a crusading bull to Louis VII and Eleanor. Conrad III of Germany was convinced to the crusade as well. In Constantinople Eleanor, Louis and Conrad III arrived together. They attacked a Muslim city, Damascus who was

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