Elderly Struggles With Abuse By The Adult Protective Services ( Aps )

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Elderly Struggles with Abuse Abuse of the old in the USA is handled by the Adult Protective Services (APS). APS investigates adults who are neglected, exploited and those who are weak and sick. Those that are victims of these circumstances get short-term services such as food, home repairs, home health care services, shelter, and mental health services (Acierno et al. 24). The elderly protection law covers all the adults of the age 65 years and above. For an adult to receive the services, evidence must be provided to show they are victims of elderly abuse. The victim continues to receive treatment or help when the investigation is carried out. Abuse may occur in various forms of injuries such as bedsore, broken bones, scratches, cuts, and bruises. An immediate action is taken by the staff of the APS to prevent any further injury or death (Lachs et al. 50). The approach the federal government uses to address these issues has some weakness (Wallace et al. 60). These weaknesses and problems must be solved so that the old live freely without any discrimination, neglect, sexual assault, or harassment. One of the problems with this governmental approach is that it does not address racism directly. Research that was carried out by the Texas family department shows that out 50 percent of cases reported by the APS; 30 percent were linked to racism. For example, in one case filed by Natal Samuel in 2003 showed that an Indian man sexually assaulted American women of age 82 years…

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