Elderly Drivers Essay

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An Age Old Problem In today’s society automobile accidents are an everyday occurrence. Mishaps can happen anywhere at any given time. In the past ten years accidents have averaged around ten million occurring for each year (US Census Bureau). That is 100 million automobile accidents in ten years. Most people would automatically point their fingers at young drivers in today’s world. A number of accidents are caused by teens though I believe a worse threat is starting to appear. This threat being elderly drivers over the age of 70. These elderly drivers could be considered dangerous due to their decline in sensory. With more elderly drivers increasing over the years, drivers everywhere could be in danger. Within the next 20 years the …show more content…
A very important sense needed in driving an automobile. At the age of 70 and above vision fields begin to narrow and loss of color becomes more common in people. The decline of vision begins somewhere around the age of 40 and continues to worsen as time goes by. The noticeable problems that could affect driving become a problem around the age of 60 (Heiting). Loss of peripheral vision could contribute to not seeing what is beside you or behind you. This could cause an elderly person to change into another lane and a car be in their blind spot. Losing the ability to distinguish colors could cause a senior to run a red light and hit another person that has the right away. The loss of vision would be devastating to one’s driving skills. Another change in the eyes that occurs around the age of 60 would be muscles around the pupil weakening. This would prevent a person from being able to focus on objects and see clearly. Also sun light could easily blind a driver from the pupils not being able to adjust to the light intensity (Heiting). As people age into their seniority their bodies also begin to weaken. Their bodies become frail and their muscles will not be as strong and reliable as they once were. The aging process in every human reduces strength, coordination and flexibility (Saison). All three provide a person with a safe ability to drive. If one or more is lost the ability to drive safely is diminished. Strength

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