Eileen 's Body Features And Unhygienic Habits Essay

1310 Words Dec 10th, 2016 6 Pages
Young Eileen thinks that she appears to be invisible which allows her to be unsanitary and unpresentable. Ottessa Moshfegh, the author of Eileen, constantly incorporated many uncomfortable descriptions that describe Eileen’s body features and unhygienic habits. Throughout the novel, there is a parallelism between Eileen’s life and the way she treats herself. Her character, which is built from her poor childhood experience and by cruel parents, correlate to her thoughts on her life, which she puts minimal effort into changing. However, as the story progresses, Eileen does change and find a reason for her to put effort into altering her life. As she becomes acquainted with Rebecca, her first “real” friend, she starts to put effort into cleaning herself and dressing herself up. Initially, there is no meaning in her life because she does not feel the love from anyone. Once she found a purpose she learns to care more about her health and her life. The similarity between one’s behavior and life demonstrates a psychological effect that is resulted from past experiences and stories. Eileen boldly mentions the time when she feels hated by her coworkers, which causes her to feel unaccepted within society. She discusses the time when she feels invisible, “At some point I got an itch in my underwear, and since there was nobody to see me, I stuck my hand up my skirt to get at it. As swaddled as they were, my nether regions were difficult to scratch. So I had to dig my hand down the…

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