Ehtics and Compliance Paper

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Ethics and Compliance Paper for Disney Corporation
Team A
FIN 370
July 13, 2011
Steven Russell

Ethics and Compliance Paper for Disney Corporation
The role of ethics and compliance that Disney Corporation commits to in accordance to their financial standards promotes conducting their business with the highest standards of business ethics, rules, laws, and regulations, which Disney Corporation has adopted Code of business conduct and Ethics for Directors Code. Directors have guidelines that consist of four basic guidelines such as, representing the interest of shareholders of the Walt Disney Company, display commitment, high standards of integrity, and independence of judgment, devote time, and energy to guarantee the diligent
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Walt Disney Company is an equal opportunity employer when it comes to considering race, color, sex, religion, age, disability, or any other prohibited by state or federal law (The Walt Disney Company, 2011). Disney has a Human Resource department, which enforced the policies of the company, keeps, and monitors the harassment prevention and discrimination guidelines. The first procedure is the code of ethics, known as The Standards of Business Conduct. Each employee must go through compliance training, business standard training, and ethics training when hired. This training is to all employees no matter where they are from through web-based tutorials (The Walt Disney Company, 2011). A procedure that Disney has to ensure that each employee has what it takes to act legally and ethically.
Processes to Comply with SEC Regulations
Walt Disney is a company that conducts business with the highest level of business standards obeying with rules, laws, and regulations. The board of directors promotes ethical behavior and they must represent the interest of shareholders of Walt Disney Company (The Walt Disney Company, 2011). The Walt Disney Company shows high standards of integrity, commitment and independence of thought and judgment (The Walt Disney Company, 2011). Disney dedicates plenty of time, energy, and attention to make sure that it is performing its duties diligently and that the directors avoid any conflicts of

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