Egyptians and New Life Essay

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“The Story of Sinuhe” is about an Egyptian man named Sinuhe, who is the queen’s secretary. In ancient times, castration was required in order for men to enter the royal palace and to serve the royalty. At the end of the story, the story revealed that Sinuhe was not castrated because he has children. This showed that the king really trusted Sinuhe because all servants needed to be castrated except him. Throughout the story, the author stressed the idea that loyalty is essential because people were expected to be loyal to their own country and want to stay there until their death. Thus, nationalism plays a huge role in Egypt. After facing many hardships, Sinuhe was forced to leave his home country, Egypt. Therefore, he lived a new life …show more content…
As an example, the author stated, “I heard his voice, as he spoke, while I was in the near distance. My heart fluttered, my arms spread out, a trembling befell all my limbs. I removed myself in leaps, to seek a hiding place” (224). Sinuhe feared losing his job after overhearing the news that the king is dead. Similar to all immigrants, fear is one of the main factors that contributes to people leaving their homelands. Sinuhe is afraid to stay in Egypt because of the new king and because of his strong vibe with the queen. Facing such fears led to Sinuhe’s decision to flee and to live a new life at another country. Sinuhe described himself as one without identity. This can be seen when he said “Land gave me to land” (224). This quote is true because most immigrants do not have identities once they leave their own country. His long journey to Asia can be associated with other immigrants’ stories. Many immigrants must have endured hardships throughout their journeys, just like what Sinuhe had endured. Sinhue said “I set out at night. At dawn I reached Peten. I halted at Isle-of-Kem-Wer. An attack of thirst overtook me; I was parched, my throat burned. I said, ‘This is the taste of death’” (224). This part of the story revealed that Sinuhe faced many hardships during his trip to Asia. He faced starvation and almost died. In comparison to other immigrants, starvation and death is one of many hardships they may face. When Sinuhe was in Asia, he

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