Essay about Egypt : Learn About Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt: Learn About Ancient Egypt. (n.d) Retrieved December 6, 2015, from This video discusses the geography of ancient Egypt and things the Egyptians in Cairo heavily relied on. It also discusses the human characteristics, such as architecture and land use, for instance the Nile River and pyramids. We will learn about this ancient civilization’s remains, for instance the Great Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, and artifact. Through this video we will learn about the ancient Egyptians and details about their land and everyday life. I will show this video as a motivation for my social studies lesson. We will discuss facts from the video afterwards pertaining to the geography of ancient Cairo, Egypt.

Basic Overview of Egyptian Hieroglyphics. (2011). Retrieved December 5, 2015, from This Youtube video informs us about Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. This video tells us that hieroglyphics began to become developed around 3000 BC. Hieroglyphics consisted words that were written as pictures. The symbols were used to represent letters as well as whole words. Not only was hieroglyphics used for writing, but it was used to show royalty. The royalty used hieroglyphics as a type of signature where they would have their name engraved in cartouches. This video is important to show students the importance of hieroglyphics to Ancient Egyptians since there was their writing…

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