Egg Osmosis Lab Report

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This experiment was centered on diffusion and osmosis. In order to see diffusion and osmosis in action it was required to test three different solutions on an egg: one with sugar, another with vinegar, and the last one with regular water. This would demonstrate certain interactions, and movements of the water; making the different concentrations of water visible. As stated there will be three solutions, this will help answer the question of how each type of solution will individually affect the egg when left intact overnight. This will classify each solution into a hypertonic, hypotonic, or an isotonic solution. The egg would first encounter a vinegar solution. If the egg is placed in 150 mL of vinegar and left intact overnight then, it would …show more content…
When a concentration is high, like salt water, this would mean that there is a difference in water concentration. The water would have to come out where the concentration is the highest from there it would have to travel to the location with the least concentration. This type of reaction is also referred to as a hypertonic solution. In a sense all it is doing is balancing the levels so that the concentrations are equivalent, however, it would not stay the same because it is not receiving water it is only giving out water to become balanced, in the process it is loosing water. There is also another form of concentration: a dilute solution. With this solution it would mean that there is an increment in water. An example for a dilute solution would be resembled by fresh water because freshwater has a higher concentration. Having a higher concentration of water would mean that water would flow in both the high and low concentration areas, not having to release any water out. (Does not have to balance because nothing is disrupting the levels.) This solution could also be describes as a hypotonic solution, because it gets bigger. A one last concentration solution exists: a balanced solution. The term itself gives insight on what it could mean, a balanced solution means that water flows in and out equally through the low and high concentration areas. This is also known as an isotonic solution. It stays the same because

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