China International Currency

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USD Effects in International markets

USD is the most prominent currency in the world. It has a store value all reserve currencies are defined as the currency or currencies which a government or central bank holds in significant quantities .The U.S. Dollar is so far the top reserve currency in the world in terms of the percentage of global currency reserves. The Dollar accounts for an estimated share of over 60% of the total global currency reserves. USD plays a crucial role as a medium of exchange. Currencies always trade in pairs because the value of each currency is measured against that of another currency, yielding a rate of exchange for the currency pair. Most currencies have been traded against the U.S. Dollar for historical reasons
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In 1949 the RMB was published by Chinese Communist Party's People's Bank of China, the first use of the RMB was to stabilize Communist held areas, in 1950 the exchange rate was 2.86. Until 1978, the RMB was allowed only for use in the local economy, then, in 1980 with the aim of opening to the world market, Chinese government created Foreign exchange certificates with the purpose of foreign transactions.
By the year of 1981 dual exchange rate system was introduced: Yuan was at 2.8 with the resolution to encourage exports, but they preserved the exchange rate of 1.5 for non- trade purposes. This resolution demonstrated that this rate was high, causing a devaluation causing in 1985 an exchange rate of 2.8.
From three years the exchange rate was 3.72 Yuan / per dollar, but in December of 1989, Yuan started to devaluate. China Market was changing constantly, causing problems in their exchange rate. Because of all of these problems, new regulations were introducing to supervise transactions. By 1990 the exchange rate was

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