Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Essay

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The Trans-Atlantic slave trade was a huge issue in the 1800s. Many Africans have suffered and never knew it would be the last time they might live. Slavery is what happens when innocent people’s voices fail to be heard, and rights go down the drain. The world now began to discriminate by race, and a new world has been created. The Trans-Atlantic slave trade affected all Africans socially, economically and psychologically, and even until today the wounds haven’t been healed.
The first stage of this triangular trade began with the production of cloth, tobacco, beads, cowrie shells, metal goods and guns in Europe. These were used to trade for slaves in Africa where the main exchange was guns for African slaves. The second and third stages of
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Africans are usually told that their present state of their own society comes from their “savage” and “ugly” participation during the slave trade. Nevertheless, some historians have done some research, and some of the assumptions that Europeans have made about Africa, was the belief that African economies must have been inactive. It led to the assumptions that Africa weakness and even inherent mediocrity. Most of these assumptions have led to stereotypes that can actually question the humanity of Africans. The type of slavery that actually existed in Africa before the affects of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade was actually very different, and it is more likely that the sale of innocent human beings only began when the Europeans have arrived. It was certainly becoming beneficial to sell slaves to Europeans and the demands for more slaves started to grow rapidly. Before the Africans got shipped off for slavery, the Europeans started to provide arms to invade neighboring regions for prisoners, if there was refusal, European arms were used against them, so it became a must that some Africans rulers had to buy firearms to protect themselves and their people. However, in return they were forced to sell slaves, and that was the biggest disappointment that has

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