Essay on Effects Of Tobacco On The United States

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Today I plan to outline the effects of tobacco, why the widespread power of big tobacco companies is irrelevant and why a decision must be reached whether or not you agree or disagree to any following points.

Allow our freedom
Wouldn 't it make sense that widespread smoking would actually lower the liability of any government? The younger a person starts smoking, the better chances it is to contract a terminal condition. (jab from pro tobacco) So why isn 't smoking tobacco a good thing?

Supporters of allowing tobacco ads in India have used that very argument to try to twist minds into thinking their side. If it weren 't sinister enough, they also deny any contribution of targeting youth, even with their internal documents specifically identifying “14 to 24 year olds to be the future of tobacco.”

The subliminal advertising doesn 't pose much better. Although each company claims their ads in the purpose of brand education, they have made a very unusual attempt for doing so. While questionably creating characters that a younger generation could identify, they built a smoking is cool campaign instead of an effects of smoking warning. Quite frankly, they are aware of how much this knowledge would terrify their consumers and choose to pay billions on advertising every year just to lighten the blow of this information. If you knew death was a 100% possibility before starting smoking, is it as likely that you would have ever picked one up?

Nobody claims to have started smoking…

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