How Did The Great Depression Affect The Weimar Republic

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Have you heard about the Weimar Republic? You may haven’t mostly because the Weimar Republic changed its name. It’s named the country of Germany. I know shocker, well now you know what the Weimar republic is. Now you maybe be asking yourself, who invented the Weimar republic? Well, that’s easy, The Weimar Republic was made by Friedrich Ebert. When Kaiser Wilhelm fled to the Netherlands he told Freidrich to make a democracy to follow the Treaty of Versailles because, The treaty stated that Germany needed to change its ways of ruling over it’s people. So he did he gather the german Reich and they met at Weimar because berlin was too dangerous because of the communists rebellion. So there, in 1919 Germany changed its way of government and they …show more content…
mostly because of the member involved in the creation of the weimar republic. How did the successes of the Stresemann Era add to the eventual failure of the Weimar Republic?men and women can vote over 20 years of age, freedom of speech because they are democratic, promote ideas, protected by the constitution. Finally, How did the Great Depression affect the Weimar Republic? the considerable despondency wrecked german hard. ,germany was most influenced by the considerable despondency.Stresemann 's demise couldn 't have come at a more regrettable time for the youthful republic. The onset of the Incomparable Melancholy was to effectively affected Germany. The German economy 's recuperation after the expansion of 1923 had been financed by credits from the United States. A hefty portion of these transient credits had been utilized to fund capital activities, for example, street building. State governments financed their exercises with the assistance of these credits. German loan fees were high, and capital streamed in. Extensive firms obtained cash and depended intensely on American credits. German banks took out American advances to put resources into German organizations. The German monetary recuperation depended on flimsy

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