Effects Of The War On Drugs Essay

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A War on the People

The war on drugs has been nothing but a failure. For nearly 45 years, this seemingly endless war has brought nothing but mass incarceration, violence, wasteful spending, and fear to the American people. Over one trillion (1,000,000,000,000) dollars invested in the policy and it’s expected results have not shown. Drug use and addiction are just as prominent as they have been before the policy and have not shown any correlation to the time and money put into enforcing this mess. Why do we focus more on putting these people behind bars rather than helping them recover? What if we spent our money getting addicts lives back on track rather than ruining their futures? We as Americans should learn from our mistakes and realize that this war on drugs is a blunder and ending it will be more effective than anything we have
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Prisons have gotten bigger, violence more prominent, spending more wasteful, and addiction rates have still seen no correlation. About ¾ of American voters admit that the war on drugs is a failure. Both sides of the political spectrum have spoke of the downsides of the war on drugs. Vermont Senator and Democrat party candidate Bernie Sanders has said “(the war on drugs is) A failed policy that has served to increase unemployment, imprison nonviolent offenders, and unfairly target blacks.” Successful businessman and leading Republican party candidate Donald Trump has said “Drug enforcement is a joke… You have to take the profit away from these drug czars.” With distaste to the drug war being so universal, why is the policy still in effect? Us as united American people should voice our concerns through the numerous anti-drug war communities available to us on the Internet and locally. Us as united American people should continue to stand together and make the smart choices for our country. Us as united American people need to end the drug war once and for

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