Effects Of The Textile Industry On The Environment Essay

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The textile industries have been around for many years. Starting early as the 1400s till now textile production was second only to agriculture in economic importance. The textile industry is mainly concerned with the design and production of yarn, clothing, and their distribution to many buyers. When it comes to designs and colors that’s when fabric dying comes in handy. According to Juliette donatelli in the article “The history of fabric dye”, almost 90% of clothing is dyed synthetically with harmful chemicals. chemical dyeing can cause traumatic effects to the environment and can harm workers if not sustained. In this research report I am going to explain how dying fabrication is harmful to the earth, it’s resources, people, and I will give solutions to make fabric dying better.

Effects On the Environment
The existing dying process is very toxic and unsafe. The dying technique used in this industry is a threatening pollutant. These pollutants are releasing chemicals into the oceans affecting one of the planetary boundaries global fresh water use. Although we have not exceeded the boundary there is a growing water crisis in the world. Our main interests are focused on the effect these can have the environment and on human’s physical health. During the dying process according Eco 360, the article states 20% of the industrial water is polluted from textile dyes. The wastewater from textile productions is categorized as the most polluting of all the industrial divisions.…

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