Essay about Effects Of The Industrial Revolution On The Environment

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After doing some research, I looked at a number of issues effecting the environment which are caused by humanity in its relations with the earth and life on it. There were discussions conducted and utilized readings which were assigned to different topics involving the environment. The main focus evolved around climate change; the causes and possible outcomes. However there are more problems on determining the ethics of our solutions than actual solutions. What are we doing to protect the planet from future generations? It is a given that the planet is getting warmer. According to the data that was collected at the Oceanic and National Climatic Data Center, earths temperatures have risen at an average rate of .15 Fahrenheit Per decade since 1901 just after the start of the industrial revolution. The effects of the industrial omissions worldwide is a parent according to the. US Environmental Protection Agency. Since the late 1970s, the earth has warmed faster than the global rate. The cause-and-effect relationship of human consumption and the release of damaging the missions into our atmosphere can be seen easily. Obviously people are the cause of this temperature spike. The worst part is this selfish attitude of those is directed towards the earths recourses. Our industry today is careless and will rape and plunder the earth at a very high price. We are constantly changing our ways but all change has led towards a negative change.
When we look at the intergovernmental…

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