Effects Of The Great Depression On The United States Essay

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As the 1930’s approached the nation, the Great Depression rattled not only the economy, but had created apparent separated affects between classes of Americans, and some of this divide persisted into the Second World War. The effects of both events affected everyone from African Americans, to Jews, and wageworkers to labor Unions. Above any other groups, ethnic groups and immigrants endured significant hardships due to white hostility. With an increasing want for government provision from citizens, the decade rang in with new policies to boost the economy. The policies were put into place to improve the livelihoods of those severely affected by the depression, and the decade was enclosed with an increasing momentum of involvement in international affairs that affected everyone around the world. Elected in 1928, Herbert Hoover was president when the Great Depression began. He attempted to cease the increase in unemployment, ultimately siding with those who encouraged immigration restrictions and denied most immigrants their visas. Hoover’s main plan was based on volunteerism, where to handle the economy, there should be cooperation between businesses and government, with limited power of the government, and a balanced budget. With the New Deal eventually approaching, there were already tons of groups of affected, due to the consistent neglect form the government. The Great Depression caused bank failures, unemployment and industrial and agricultural collapse, where it was…

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