Effects Of The Chinese Economy In China

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There are some pivotal huge recessions have occurred in recent years in the world. According to the recent Chinese economic survey result, the economy in china decreased with tecst speed. There are many reasons could be thought to cause this problems, such as several worldwide recessions the aging problems , the resource oueretexp location and so on. When it goes back to decades ago. The referm and opening up policy came occt , china developed so quick that the GDP rate in china even exceed japan in 2010. However the economy in china recently is enervate and this essay will aralyse the main reasons cause the economy decrease in china.
In recent years, Chinese economy is gradually fading. In the fact .the history of Chinese economy is not so good. Especially in recent five years. There are so many around the world. Who do not understand things which happened in that period. for example , china as a developing country, take the standard of developed countries, there is a system of backward.
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Chinese economic decline combined with the analysis of the text .the main reasons as follow what affect the Chinese economic growth export , investment and consumption are as follows , firstly the debt crisis in western countries directly affect the export of china and the low income for employees. The Chinese government is actively seek for more national cooperation to solve the export problem. Although the worlds economic disasters slow global growth , the deflationary pressure and the weak trade expansion , influenced the whole firancial inclustry hardy . china tries its best to avoid it .secondly the property price in china keeps growth even though the whole economy in china decline at the fine . what is more the investment of government in all industries foaled . the reasons is low quality of investment . the high taxes in china. Then the price is also expensive and rising and also house prices are high. There is to much pressure for the people in

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