Essay Effects Of Television On Children 's Children

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Effects of Television on Children
Television has become, to most children, an intimate friend. They watch TV everyday whether on a regular or irregular time. When one of the kids was asked about what her family consists of she answered, “our family consists of father, mother, grandma, and TV.” This means that TV has been a close tool to children. The topic of TV and its effects on children has been debated. Some say that it has good effects if it is used in the right way and under the guidance of parents at home. Others say that it has bad effects on children, especially their health. The word ‘children’ here refers to those who are under 18 years old. This is the legal age that all writers and laws agree on defining ‘children’. Of course, TV has effects on children whether good or bad. But the question is which of children age this article focuses on; is it on children who are under two years, or above two year and under 10 years, or those who are above ten years old? TV has different effects on all these various categories. This needs to further studies that observe the behavior of children. Empirical researches are recommended to search in this topic in detail. However, this essay sheds light on the studies that discusses the causes of watching TV and the effects of TV on children, the good and bad ones.
Previous studies conducted in this field say that about ninety eight percent of all families or who live in the US have at minimum one TV (Media Awareness Network,…

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