Essay on Effects of Technological Advances

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From the time printed publications were the dominant medium to the modern era where the internet has emerged as the dominant medium the field of journalism has experienced colossal growth, development, and evolvement. The changes caused by the gradual introduction of new and more efficient mediums consistently affected journalism and the way journalists delivered content to the public.

Prior to the concept of broadcasting, newspapers were the primary means of communication in society. Initially newspapers were a means of spreading news, usually on a local or regional level. In the times of the Civil War newspapers were used to spread news through out connected areas, in that time being the North and the South. The invention of the
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Printed publications did not have any competition until the introduction of broadcasting in the 1920s. With the availability of electricity and increasing technological advancements the radio was created and gradually became the dominant medium of its time. The popularization of radio again changed the way the public engaged with the news by allowing multiple individuals sharing in the listening experience. Although radio did become the dominant medium of that time, newspapers and other printed publications still served their own purpose and remained a profitable industry. In the 1950s the introduction of the television completely revolutionized journalism, and brought radical changes in the way the public engages with content and also how journalists engage with the public. The ability to broadcast both audio and visual content simultaneously completely changed the way journalism was conducted. Once again with the addition of a newer, more efficient medium the types of media that proceeded once again had to adapt as well as journalists and viewers alike. In this case, ultimately television claimed dominance over viewer ship. However, mediums such as printed text and radio broadcasting still served their purposes, though seemingly of a decreased importance.

When the internet first began receiving mainstream attention no one could have imagined just how much of an impact it

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