Effects Of Tattoos And Professionalism

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To gather more information, I chose to talk to adult professionals who have multiple body modifications. There were a few reasons I chose this population, but most importantly I think it offers a more valuable perspective into the issue of tattoos and professionalism. Most of the studies that are available report on the perceptions that people have of tattoos and how this might influence the workplace. But it is more insightful to hear the experience of these marked individuals and whether they believe themselves to be repressed. I developed a series of eight questions to ask my participants that would let them share their opinions and experiences. I started by asking how many tattoos/piercings they currently have and if they are permitted to display them while at work, because this will provide context to help me understand the rest of their answers. I then asked them if they had tattoos/piercings before …show more content…
Much of my information was skewed because I had participants from industries that are already open-minded and accepting. It would be helpful to look into the treatment of tattoos in less accepting fields, such as education and public service. There is also more studying to be conducted on body modifications in the workplace in general, perhaps by talking to hiring managers or by following a student from graduation through the process of applying for a job, and see how their tattoos affect their journey and success. While these changes are currently small and appear only in certain cities and industries, they will spread and everyone will be permitted to express themselves freely in regards to tattoos. While people may hold onto these negative stereotypes, they may no longer be true (Martin et al., 2010), and hopefully, soon, a person’s real ability will be allowed to shine through all the

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