Effects Of Surgery On The Middle Ages Essay examples

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Surgery has always played a big role in the world. It’s the reason why we’re able to be alive today; otherwise people would be sick and not able to function properly. Surgeons are presented with a problem, their job then on is to find the source, and remove it. For centuries surgery has been made important for those fighting in war. In 1550 B.C, the Egyptians believed that the gift of healing was to be sent from the heavens. If someone wasn’t healed and passed on then it was their time to go. In the middle Ages, medicine evolved into a more public concern; therefore universities were built to train doctors. Many treatments for patients were performed in their homes and only for those who could afford. Doctors were a part of the upper-middle class (Săvulescu).
During war, the wounded would have whatever limb that was injured, amputated. Not many surgical techniques existed during this time, but as time went on the need for surgeons expanded. In 1731, following the establishment of the French Royal Academy of Surgery and Traumatology, surgeons gained equal status of doctors who work with internal medicine, also known as internists. In 1788 hospitals were no longer only staffed with internists and pharmacists but also surgeons. The need for surgeons became imperative during the World Wars when the production of war gas was introduced. The wars brought also the advancement of anesthesia, which brought with it new specialties such as: neurology, urology and hematology. Because…

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