Social Influence Compliance, Conformity And Obedience

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Social influence has been a significant factor in society and contributes to human behaviors. Social influence is an alteration of a person’s feelings, actions, opinions and is influenced by other members of society. Social influence can also have a disastrous effect on human and the society through culture, norms and values. As a result, social influence lead people conform, comply and be obedient to people with authority. There are several theories on human behaviors in society which emphasized three import characteristics that is worth further evaluation. Compliance, conformity and obedience all share similarities but, also have marginal differences. Compliance is the accomplishment of a specified instruction. In conformity, the person being …show more content…
There are several factors or strategies that influence compliance. One factor is intimidation, this is used to generate fear to let the other to think that you are dangerous. People that conforms in a group must have a personality that will allow them to be relinquish their beliefs to others. Compliance is visible in the workplace, whenever someone performs a designated task that is ordered by a manger it is a form of compliance. Compliance can be accomplished through persuasion and motivation. Whenever a supervisor orders an employee to complete a task, they are not directing them to agree or disagree with the order. Supervisor who directs an employee to perform a task, it is not trying to alter the person’s beliefs, they just need the duties to be …show more content…
In conformity, it is the fear of social disparagement and being different from the group. On the other hand, it is peer pressure that brings in the conformity among the members of a group. Conformity is also affected by whether the individual's culture is positioned towards individualism or collectivism, however, compliance and obedience are less likely to be affected by this factor.
The theory of compliance, conformity and obedience are all connected and share many similarities amongst them. Compliance and conformity have demonstrated improvement between people when there are positive and relational attitudes. Equally, paying attention to minor similarities with the requester and the person who obeys the request have shown to increase compliance and improving the relationship between the two. Similarly, unification of the group has been shown to affect the

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