Essay about Effects Of Smoking On Children 's Health

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Just imagine a family enjoying a calm sunny day at the park. The birds are singing

the breeze is cool and refreshing when all of a sudden puff-puff the magic dragon walks

by blowing smoke along the way. While they gag on someone else’s addiction and watch

as they take one last long draw from their chemical stick and drop it on what was once

the nice clean pavement, and snuff it out with their shoe leaving a black sooty stain

behind. This crude and possibly over exaggerated image is something that many people

go through every day. Is it fair for someone who works hard to keep their body healthy to

have to cross the street to avoid a smoker’s cloud of death? Smoking negatively impacts

people’s health, appearance and is hazardous to the other people around them.

Smoking can lead to serious health defects, there is only one product that kills 1/3

of all the people who use it, and that product is tobacco. Tobacco is one of the many

ingredients in cigarettes, along with thousands of other chemicals such as carcinogens,

tar, ammonia formaldehyde, benzene and nicotine; all these lovely chemicals cause

things such as growth of tumors in human tissue and cancer (Torr). Some other lovely

diseases caused by smoking are chronic lung disease, coronary heart disease, and stroke

(Chart). Even if a person is lucky and never gets one of these many deadly diseases this

does not mean they get away scot free. Sounding like a frog is caught in their throat 24/7…

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