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Less Hookah More Health
Health is one of the biggest wealth a human being could have, being healthy is not something people should take for granted; unfortunately, this day’s most young adults and teenagers choose to do things that could affect their health with or without knowledge. Many people know that Smoking cigarettes, being a drug addict and alcoholic is dangerous. However, most people do not know that smoking hookah is as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. But some people knew that it is harmful and still ignore the effects and smoke it multiple times a day.
Smoking hookah has become a very popular activity among teenagers and young adults. In fact individuals who love to smoke hookah considers smoking hookah as an attractive or cool
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Further, hookah does not only affects human 's health but also it affects animals and environment. Hookah also have a large amount of smoke therefore it has a huge second hand smoke affection than cigarette. While hookah has a lot of side effects on health and environment and animals, the regulations for hookah are very simple. Also teenagers and minor age kids could get It easily and be diagnosed with many diseases such as lung cancer, asthma, heart attack and other chronic conditions or diseases. Under the federal law, retailers are not allowed to sell cigarettes or smokeless tobacco to anyone under 18, however hookah is not covered under this law. Therefore, the U.S government should do something to slow down the hookah epidemic. Banding it might be hard but at least there should be a strong rule on how, who and where to get the hookah tobacco and its related …show more content…
According to "Hookah Smoking and Cancer; Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) levels in exclusive/ ever hookah smokers", is one of the many research results on hookah. As explained in the article, hookah smoking is not a brand new activity, it has been going on since the 19th century. Mostly, it was a "deep-rooted tradition" among the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent. Back then hookah and hookah pipe looks different and it was considers as fancy object. Also it was mostly smoked by kings and classy people. The article shows some pictures that some adults took with fancy hookah pipes. However, "Today, hookah (called narwhale and shisha in other parts of the world) smoking is considered as a global "threat" and an "epidemic" by public health

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