Effects Of Smoking During Pregnancy On Adolescents Essay

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As many of us may know drugs in particular are bad for one’s health and affects those around us. What mothers that take drugs and drink alcohol while pregnant don’t realize is the serious damage it will have on these innocent children. There has been psychological research done on the impact of pharmacological treatment for anxiety and depression during pregnancy, effects on smoking during pregnancy, the short and long term effects on the child, the impact of disease-modifying drugs, and controversies that have been altered over the years.
There has been a study that the use of cigarette smoking during pregnancy affects adolescents. “In two community-based samples of adolescents recruited in distinct populations, they demonstrated that PEMCS was associated with a higher probability of experimenting with drugs during adolescence directly and indirectly zing behavior and the number of peers reported as using drugs” (Lotfipour et al., 2014). They also observed a number of novel associations between the number of peers the adolescents report are experimenting with drugs and a number of relevant idea. In particular, they showed that—in both samples—children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy reported more peers experimenting with drugs. Reporting more peers experimenting with drugs was predicted by higher behavior and predicted greater drug experimentation. Although, the number of peers reported to be experimenting with drugs also acted as an additional indirect path from…

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