Essay about Effects Of Smoking During Pregnancy And Adverse Outcomes

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Tobacco smoking has been an ongoing problem ever since I can remember. The article Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy and Adverse Outcomes in Offspring: Genetic and Environmental Sources of Covariance covers the possible issues related to smoking during pregnancy. The development of the fetus is a very important stage and with the information provided in this article you can clearly see the effects of smoking in multiple different case studies. This article provides studies that have been conducted from the years 1989-2009 and contain a wide array of different information. Even though I found a majority of the information in the article useful and valuable there are a couple things I don’t quite understand and believe. Something the author states is “To date most of the quasi-experimental studies on SDP have not investigated the extent to which the familial factors that confound the associations are due to genetic and/or environmental effects.” (Kuja-Halkola, D’Onofrio, Larsson, Lichtenstein, 2014).

There are many things in this article that are completely true and unbiased but there are also a couple things that definitely do need to be investigated more and need to have slightly less bias. “For all of the outcomes the values in the group where mothers smoked while pregnant compared were worse than when the mother did not smoke.“ (Kuja-Halkola, D’Onofrio, Larsson, Lichtenstein, 2014) this quote struck me because after reviewing some of the studies I had noticed that…

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