Essay about Effects Of Small And Large Businesses

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The Effects of Small and Large Businesses Small and large businesses both affect the average American every day, why is this and why is there so much competition between the two? The question is always asked, “Which are better, small businesses or large businesses”? People always like to assume the bigger the better, but is this true? Does bigger always mean better? So many comparisons are made, including, the effect the company has on the economy, the effect the business has on its employees, the effect the business has on its consumers, and so on. Small and large corporations are always in competition of which one is more successful or beneficial to society.
Beginning in 1973 to 2015 the majority of American people are confident in the smaller businesses. Sixty-seven percent of Americans have more confidence in smaller businesses than in large and only twenty one percent of Americans have more confidence in larger businesses than small. Americans are more likely to trust their local governments this is why they are also more likely to like and trust the smaller businesses. People think smaller businesses pay more attention to the local communities, unlike large businesses. Barack Obama, himself, even said in 2014 that small businesses are the “lifeblood” of the U.S economy (Dugan).
Although people seem to overlook small businesses for reasons such as pricing, product, and size, small businesses are making up three-fourths of the United States total businesses. “The Small…

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