Effects Of Skipping Breakfast On Weight Gain Or Loss And Energy

1253 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 null Page
The research project topic that I chose to look into is the effects of skipping breakfast on weight gain or loss and energy. This topic has been well researched by other authors multiple times; however the interesting factor about their results is that they seem to differ. Google portrays these various arrays of results. Some websites say it is necessary to eat breakfast in order to have the adequate energy and others say it is not. Fitness websites say breakfast is necessary in order to have energy to burn fat, some other websites say that skipping breakfast is actually a good way to lose weight. Personally, I am into the fitness industry and I have done research before this proposal. I have found that being in a calorie deficit is the way to lose weight and simple enough, if one skips a meal those are calories not consumed. In addition, some people believe that intermittent fasting is beneficial for weight loss. This fasting consists of abstaining from food for 12 to 16 hours. This way your body uses fat instead of food its energy supply. Personally, I have been doing intermittent fasting (skipping breakfast every other day) for the past 2 months and I have lost about 8 pounds. However, my weight loss might not be correlated to skipping breakfast and hopefully with the knowledge acquired from this research proposal I will learn further about the so claimed relation. In addition, breakfast consumption is usually correlated with energy and performance. I will also be…

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