Essay on Effects Of Recidivism On The Criminal Justice System

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The amount of racial disparities in the criminal justice system perpetuates the cycle of recidivism. Lack of post-prison aid and support is detrimental to ex-offenders. Education, guidance and availability of opportunity is crucial for the discontinuation of minorities being the majority population of recidivist. The attempt to deter the general population is also affecting recidivism rates and change needs to be made to prevent the continuation of imbalance in our society.
Recidivism is a major part and essentially one of the most critical cyclical problems of the criminal justice system. Recidivism occurs when an individual reverts to committing illegal activities, after paying their debt to society for the same or other illegal activities. The term is about reverting or relapsing on drugs and crimes. There are many topics under the canopy of recidivism stemming from juvenile crime to sexual assault. Recidivism as a whole, regardless of the specific type of crime, if not changed will only continue to foster more crime. While not every person who is punished for a crime reverts, problems within the criminal justice system are facilitating recidivism. Without intervention the issues will continue to deteriorate our society. Recidivism is a problem because it effects every municipality in the United States and perpetuates criminal behavior. Every neighborhood and every community experiences crime. Every community sends its criminals away and once their time is served they…

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