Effects Of Racism Essay

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Racism is Changing
Throughout the years, racism has changed in many ways. The discriminatory ways of the world have affected every group of people. Racism is something everyone has witnessed in some way; even though there are some individuals who consider racism a simple act of “classification,” others can consider it offensive and hurtful. As years pass, racism has taken a shot down the effectiveness it has on the nation. Though this issue continues to arouse in the nations, it did most of its damage in the early days. Since when “racism” first became a concern, it was more than the simple separation of colors. Slavery started and caused the biggest disruption in the world. Racism often comes from individuals being scared of change and not knowing enough about the other race, and not giving the chance to new people. Racism has come
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The black people were sold and traded amongst the whites, very few would be considered lucky enough to have an “owner” that was not near as abusive or cruel as some of the other buyers. If the slave did not do what its tyrant asked of him or her, then the individual would be brutally punished, and sometimes killed. Even though it was often the whites that owned the individuals of the African decent, it was also common that another African-Americans owned one of its own who was at a lower public ranking. Restaurants were closed to colored people and hotel rooms were not open to them because they were considered “dirty.” More than just hurtful words have been said that are considered racism. African Americans, innocent, helpless individuals, were beaten in the streets because they were trying to express their freedom, some were even killed. Slavery and discrimination were not a joke; although those two things are illegal, racism is no less of a

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