Essay on Effects Of Poverty On Children 's Development

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Poverty occurs to many families and affects them in many ways. Teachers main concerns in poverty is how it impacts the child development. “Families who live in poverty face disadvantages that can hinder their children’s development in many ways” (Duncan, 2014). Not all teachers know the impact that a child in poverty has to go thru each day. It is hard trying to focus in class and thinking about where you will sleep or when you will have your next meal. This paper shows resources that a teacher can use when having a child in poverty in her classroom so she/him can better understand the student. Teacher’s support can help a child in poverty and the family.

According to Patrice L. Engle and Maureen M. Black “Poverty affects a child’s development and educational outcomes beginning in the earliest years of life, both directly and indirectly through mediated, moderated, and transactional processes. School readiness, or the child’s ability to use and profit from school, has been recognized as playing a unique role in escape from poverty in the United States and increasingly in developing countries. It is a critical element but needs to be supported by many other components of a poverty alleviation strategy, such as improved opportunity structures and empowerment of families” (Duncan, 2014). The paper addresses the global effects of poverty and educational outcomes by including findings from both developed and developing countries. “In 2000, the United Nations Millennium Summit…

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