Effects Of Poverty In Africa

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Although Africa has a vast number of natural resources and rich, as a whole they are in poverty and in crisis. Since the time of the colonization of Africa, Africa was exploited of their resources. Some of these countries only received their impendences in the 70’s and 80’s In modern times regime changes , company and government corruption, and organization lead to countries and companies exploiting Africa’s resources for their own gain. Like in ancient times before democratic elections happened in most countries now regime changes sometimes caused crisis. The next ruler was sometimes more corrupt and only cared about himself. During the 70s and 80s African leaders who couldn’t be persuaded by money were eliminated either by death or …show more content…
Tax invasion lead to Africa losing 11 billon dollars 6 of those came from companies in developed areas, in 2010.The money lost would have only payed one-third of the money needed to decrease the effects Ebola, had on the areas. By signing trade agreements with leaders who are corrupted and care more about getting rich then the better ware of the country. The country starts to plummet. President of Guinea Obiang when his country were making 1.1 billion barrels of oil and the revenue kicked in. He had fears because he knew it would harm his country Vice the Dark Continent). In some cases companies recklessly behavior lead to conflict, poverty and corruption through their activities (BBC How deep is corruption in Africa) The lower class receive insufficient wages that they too ended up supporting their income directly from corruption. In some instances if you don’t corrupt someone in a high position you can’t get a job. Countries in oil in West Africa generate a lot of money though at half of their people are in debt Most of that money is given to selected people. Governments, often in conspiracy with the, private ownership have used the revenue into their own pockets. 2012 the IMF reported a country’s 32 billion was missing from their public accounts the company in question also stole 1 billion every month for 19 months (All Africa bad business). As of march 25, 16 300 companies were indicted of corruption in Africa from stealing 8 million dollars or N41 Billion (All Africa Nigeria: Presidential Panel Indicts 300 Firms, Serving, and Retired Military Officers). Riches got from natural resources might bring about a type of incorporated administration that is uninterested in open welfare these admirations in turn would loot the money for themselves Most African nations work some type of tax reduction for

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