Effects Of Pollution On Humans And Marine Wildlife Essay

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All living organisms require water to survive, however, with each passing year toxic materials, oils and debris are plaguing our precious oceans, harming marine wildlife, plants, and humans. As this process continue to get bigger these pollutants will play a huge role in the amount of oxygen expelled, water quality and decrease all food sources that are provided by the ocean, having damaging effects on humans and marine wildlife. We all need to be more aware of the influences that we possess in our world and help to find diverse and ecological outcomes. Each country, throughout the world, needs to put into effect stricter policies regarding pollution and further research more eco-friendly possibilities to make humans more resourceful.
Oil spills are affecting hundreds square miles of ocean and killing off or disturbing the lives of many marine animals. The amount of oil that is spilling into the ocean has increased tremendously in the past years. “An estimated 80 million to 91million gallons of oil spilled into U.S. waters from 1980 to 1986, mostly from tankers and oil barges” (Cooper). Many oil spills have occurred due to the negligence of captains or equipment failures and accidents, such as grounding, collisions, rammings, and fires. This gives us drastic rates of tankers accidents, from 1980 to 1988, in U.S. waters that consisted of 468 groundings, 371 collisions, 97 rammings, 55 fires and explosion and 95 deaths (Cooper). Tankers, having this many accidents in such a…

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