Essay about Effects Of Pollution On Freshwater Aquatic Life

1015 Words Mar 8th, 2016 null Page
Literature Review There are endless ways the environment is being affected globally. There are drastic changes occurring all over the world, from deforestation to excessive water pollution. One urgent issue facing the world today is freshwater pollution and the negative effects it is having on freshwater aquatic life. Pollution is creating a positive feedback loop in our freshwater aquatic life, including the killings of many of freshwater wildlife. Through the analysis of several different articles and books, this review will look over how eutrophication, acid rain, and heavy metal pollution effects freshwater aquatic life. Eutrophication is a process in which there are extra fertilizers, and other types of materials which runs off into a lake or pond, absorbing all the oxygen in the water. Eutrophication creates algal blooms in the water. This is the green-like plant material you see that is sometimes covering these types of waters. Since eutrophication sucks up all the oxygen in the water, most-to-all the life in the freshwater dies. All fish, muscles, and other types of plants or vegetation, eventually die off when they can no longer live in the little to no oxygenated water. With all the life in the water dying, this creates a dangerous positive feedback loop, creates a problem with the food chain. A positive feedback loop is actually harmful and does no good to the environment. The positive feedback loop can create a never ending cycle, doing only harmful things.…

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