Essay about Effects Of Plastic On The Marine Wildlife

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We are using enormous amount of plastic daily. In fact, we feel that plastic is surrounding us. It becomes indispensable for us (Madren 1). Because it is durable and indestructible and has a low density, it starts to accumulate in huge amounts in our oceans, and moves for hundreds of miles away from the original site of pollution and concentrates in five known ocean gyres (Sun). The situation is really very serious now, because thousands of tons of plastics are polluting our oceans and environment, endangering the whole marine life and ecosystems as well as our own heath Plastics exert its harmful and toxic effect on the marine wildlife as a result of ingesting the plastics, also from leaching of plastic toxins, and from getting entangled in the plastic debris. Specific actions to reduce plastics in our oceans are necessary.
Plastics can hurt to a great extent the marine animals through ingestion of the floating plastic fragments and particles of different sizes. This has serious consequences and can be fatal. All sea animals are exposed to the danger of digesting plastic litters without exceptions. Some of these sea animals are endangered animals like the albatross birds. Unknowingly the marine animals think that this man-made plastic trash floating in the ocean is their regular food (Barry 1). The swallowed plastics can block their gullets or enter their gastro-intestinal tract, filling or blocking their guts, the intestine or even perforating the intestine and liberating…

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