The Epidemic Of Peer Pressure

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Peer pressure, it affects everyone no matter whether you’re male or female, we’re all victims of this evil wrath at some point during our life’s, its most common while you’re still in school. Vulnerably, innocent and pure children are subjected to various unhealthy demands from theirs peers to fit into the “cool” statues group. Social media is an enormous factor in the youth of this day and age. It suffocates their ability to be unique and have their own opinion of their surroundings like a python slowly and excruciatingly crushing its prey to death. Social media kills young and gullible teens; turning them into lifeless zombies that are full of anxiety and stress. It prevents teenagers from realising that they are perfect and they are special …show more content…
Every day, almost 3,900 adolescents under 18 years of age try their first cigarette. More than 950 of them will become addicted to smoking daily. Teen smokers are more likely to have panic attacks, anxiety disorders and depression. The lost souls of the lifeless teenagers today are affected mentally and physically. Soon it will take over their whole life without them realising it. An epidemic of a gruelling, mind decomposing, flesh tearing disease by the name of peer pressure. Spreading as fast as rats who rom the cities of London looking for food that we call garbage. Turning them into scavengers by day and night, rotting away their minds and standards. Why ruin your body when you have the choice not to? Is it fair to put yourself through all these dangers of getting a disease? Let me guess its peer pressure? Yes we all know that it’s all about acting cool and rebellious. Showing off your smoking skills in front of your peers to make you seem like a “Bad man”, but is the long term effect of smoking cool?, having yellow teeth and lungs filled with tar. Is that really attractive? Recent studies show that around 1million people who started smoking when they were teenagers died …show more content…
He was fourteen. The first time Timothy smoked pot he didn 't see the point, because he didn 't even feel high. He’d been drinking for a year already and he liked alcohol it made him feel good about himself. The first time he did feel stoned from weed, he dropped the bottle and picked up the pipe. That was the beginning of his two years of hell. Since he thought his parents were foolish, he put acts on of being sober. For the first few months, pot didn’t control his life because he didn 't smoke like everyone else. He just smoked on occasion. Once he got to high school, he saw getting high as a great opportunity to make friends. Timothy then eventually got into the stoner circle, but he never felt a part of that crowd, because he didn 't smoke like them. He had a chance to turn around and change but he didn’t. It was an evil infestation that possessed every part of his body, almost as though the Satan himself was possessing and encouraging him to keep doing

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