Effects Of Obesity On The United States Essay

1121 Words Aug 4th, 2015 null Page
In the last twenty years, obesity has steadily climbed the ranks to become one of the biggest health issues in America. In 2007, it affected roughly 17% of the population of children and teens in the United States (Bell et al. 42). The effects are numerous and include both physical and mental problems. We have reached a point where it has been referred to as an epidemic, and threatens to reduce our previously increasing life span if left unaddressed (Goldsmith 21). A child who is raised with poor habits and struggles to control their weight is more likely to continue having issues throughout their life (Ries 30). Habits are hard to break. Advertisements may focus on helping you lose weight, but the better solution long term is to focus on prevention. In order to make a dent in this problem, however, we need to pinpoint major causes. When it comes to the rising size of kids, fingers tend to point at technology. Television and computers are often accused of making us, as a nation, fat. However, the rest of the world has access to this as well and isn’t struggling as much as we are. Technology is not going anywhere, and blaming it doesn’t help us. A lack of physical activity is most definitely a contributing factor, and that’s what we should be addressing (Goldsmith 21). Getting kids to be more active at a younger age may help them find activities they actually enjoy, giving them a longterm healthy hobby. Unfortunately, physical education and activity in schools seems to…

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